Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blast from the Past

I miss blogging. I truly do.

But I've been lazy. Super lazy.

You see, Sefardi Gal became Morah Sefardi Gal. Being a Morah truly has been rewarding and enjoyable but also tiring and frustrating. A teacher needs a lot of Siyata D'Shamaya to teach well and have enough patience for each individual student. I can't say I've been perfect at it, but it has been a good journey so far.

And alas...summer vacation has begun. Now we have a lot of packing to do :)

Bli neder, Im Yirtzeh HaShem, Be'ezrat HaShem, with G-d's help...I will start posting Divrei Torah at least once a week. HaShem knows I need the Chizzuk!

Wishing all of you a shavua tov and countless brachot!


  1. Lovely to have you back :) Looking forward to reading your Divrei Torah - I think we ALL need the chizuk!

  2. That would be great. I'm looking forward to reading them!

  3. Blogging is addictive, is it not? Now I can't picture life without it!

    Hope to hear from you regularly!

  4. Jews who blog to spread Torah should not feel guilty about blogging.
    One example of this is Sefardi Gal.

    Another example is my web site for divrei Torah, which (Baruch HaShem) now has over 1,000 Jewish members: