Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quote Of The Day :)

"The important thing is... to be ready at any
moment, to sacrifice the person you are for the person who you could become."
-- Charles DuBois


  1. Devorah - thanks! I find it very powerful. It's frightening to change ourselves and suffer by temporarily losing our dignity in order to eventually achieve greatness.

  2. Rav Yisrael Salanter said that it is easier to finish all of Shas than to change even one middah.

    I think it is written in the introduction to Chesbon Hanefesh but I don't remember. Mr. Cohen, I expect a source...

  3. Azriel Tzvi - yup, I've heard that before, too. It's true that it's more difficult to change a middah than to learn Shas, but it's not impossible! That just means working on a middah requires active WORK.

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  5. "That just means working on a middah requires active WORK."

    It is actually funny you say that. Last year my father asked me to make the siyum on Shas Mishnaot for a group of people who had each done one meshecta, myself included. I did Megillah and since I had done it a few times before it took me around 10 minutes to finish the whole thing. When I got up to speak, I quoted this Rav Salanter and said that it makes so much sense to me now. While a middah, you must work hard on everyday by yourself for a long time, Shas can be done by a large group, which can take everyone just a few minutes to complete. While I doubt anyone was actually listening to me at the time, being that they were waiting for Rav Feiner to give a shiur, I still think it is a good message.

    Hopefully this one has less grammatical errors than the last time I posted it...

  6. Azriel Tzvi - 10 min?? Wow.
    That's a great point, thank you for sharing.