Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Holding Back

That's what I've been doing. You see, I have tons of posts just BEGGING me to click the "publish post" orange box thingy.
But...I can't. I'm not sure my editor would approve.

Yet, the thought still lingers. To post or not to post, that is the question.


  1. I vote for...Post! We like reading. :)

  2. agreed! post! you're anonymous right? whats the harm?

  3. editor?

    Post! Post! Post! Post! Post! Post! *Cheer*

  4. Go ahead and post!

    Your readers enjoy everything you write, so why not?!

  5. editor meaning Editor? As in The All-Mighty Editor Who might question certain aspects of what you're conveying based on loshon hara or whatever?

  6. SternGrad - :)

    Aminspiration - I kinda wish I was anonymous here. I'm not.

    Azriel Tzvi - LOL

    Devorah - not all of my posts are so positive and nice. I'm not worried about my readers being interested. I'm worried about whether it's fundamentally correct to post about less-than-positive topics. If my posts have negative connotations, especially about people -- even if their names aren't mentioned and it's not lashon hara, it still doesn't still well with me. I'm not sure I'd like to harbor such negative notes in my life and mind. That's part of the reason I deleted many of my older posts. There was nothing horrible, per se, but it just didn't seem right discussing other people like that. Even if they are nebuch guys who need serious help :D

    Also, if any of my readers, chas v'shalom, would get offended, I'd have no idea.

    Shades of Grey - you almost got the reference! :)
    I was referring to my yezer hatov (hence, the "e" in editor was not capitalized.)

  7. SG-I hear what you are saying. I really respect you for thinking twice before you post something for the world wide web to read. Sometimes people write whatever is on their minds and it can border on lashon hara, leitzanus or ona'as devorim.

    I wrote a post about my grandfather a"h called Think Before You Speak. If it's so important to think before you speak, imagine how important it is to think before you post - your words will be there forever!

  8. SG- I know the feeling. Usually it isn't a problem that I am not completely anonymous..but it definitely makes me think twice about posting. Especially when my Aim Bayit from sem is reading :). But it is also a good thing I guess. ;)

  9. Seeing as everyone has been begging you to post, might I offer another option? Don't post. I mean, the main argument to post was for your readers, buy if it's not something you want to do, don't do it. I write a lot more infrequently now. Now, it's usually when I get a chance or when I have something I really want to say. But most of us (your loyal readers) don't know who you are, and you don't really know us. So who are you gonna disappoint by not posting? Anonymous. Bottom line - if you want to, do it; if not, don't.

  10. Devorah - thank you :)
    it is a challenge. But it's a lot better to think twice than to regret it later and have to deal with damage control. Great post, btw!

    Aminspiration - hmmm...if my em bayit was reading, I'd be so tempted to post more controversial topics :D
    Anonymity is one of those thingies that is only appreciated and mourned for once it is lost.

    JH - great advice.
    As I stated before, I'm not fully anonymous, but the apprehension is due to something else.