Thursday, June 23, 2011


So, I was trying to reach a particular shadchan, who was suggested to me by a friend. I don't like calling, but hey, gotta do hishtadlut, right?
The phone would ring and ring. She wouldn't answer. Okay, so I basically decide to forget about the meeting with her. At least temporarily.

A different shadchan called me up and suggested a guy.
A really great, solid guy. Really.
Nice guy.
So we went out a 2nd time.
Still nice but not for me.
So I called her up to let her know.

"who's this, again?" She asked
I was a little bit taken aback. I mean, I know that she's busy and all, but c'mon lady, you just set me up with this guy!

I calmly responded "this is Sefardi Gal. You set me up with Mr. Likes Sushi."

"I set you up with Mr. Likes Sushi? When?"
She sounded shocked.

I was a bit shocked that she was shocked.

"Yes...last week. And we went on our second date last night..."

"I'm sorry. If you say I set you up, then I must have. Let me think. Hmmm...let me try and remember. Last week...Last week...hmmmm."

The background music began to play in my head.

Annoyed, I looked at my caller I.D.
My eyes widened, and I nearly gasped.

Oh man.

I unintentionally called Mrs. Shadchan-who-would-never-answer-when-I-call. She davka decided to pick up on the day that I did NOT intend to call her.

Let's add this incident to the list of Sefardi Gal's fadichot.


  1. OMG. That is one bad spot to be in. Were you able to extract yourself from that one with another date, at least? :)

  2. Princess Lea - she was very sweet and totally understood. Then told me to call her back, so that we can schedule a time to meet, and ironically enough, she never picked up whenever I tried calling!
    Somehow, gam zu l'tova! :)

  3. Fadichot is an Arabic word that infiltrated Modern Hebrew. By using that word, Sefardi Gal reminds me that she is Israeli Sephardi, not American Sephardi.

    I believe that Sefardi Gal is better off meeting dates from Shabbatonim instead of shadchanim.

  4. OhMyGosh! That must've been embarrassing! Ahhh...

  5. Mr. Cohen - in many aspects, I'm more American than Israeli. But fadichot is one of those classic words...

    Devorah - I'm still embarrassed when I think back to it. But I admit that it's absolutely hilarious and ironic. G-d has a great sense of humor.

  6. I agree, He really does have a great sense of humor! :-)