Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tov lehodot l'HaShem!

This video captures an amazing miracle. Definitely worth watching.


  1. WOAH!!
    That is such a powerful video!!
    Almost had me in's a story I've heard and read about before but to see it in a video as he lives each stage has a profound effect. I know I'll remember this for a long time.

    It's hard to imagine the emotions and feelings he had when he came home for the first time but just thinking about that and the amount of appreciation he had to Hashem for getting him to that point is amazing. It makes us realize how much we have to be grateful for - our challenges cannot be compared to theirs and our peaceful life is something to appreciate!

  2. Devorah - prior to watching this video, I didn't know the story.

    Totally agree with you -- we have so much to be appreciative of. HaShem is so good to us!!