Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Finals week is always interesting slash depressing.

It's always finals week when...

-pringles and sour sticks are my nutritious dinner
-I wake up with raccoon-like eyes
-the sound of the printer is music to my ears
-shidduch offers begin to roll in. Weird ones, but I guess that's nothing new
-all the fun stuff is going on; weddings, bridal showers, sales @ favorite stores, etc. CAN'T Y'ALL WAIT UNTIL I'M FREE???

So yeah.

Just need to take a deep breath and remember that these are JUST tests. So, okay, my GPA is dependent on them.



  1. isnt the intensity just phenomenal!?
    my current diet is oreos (joy) and water/coffee!
    and of course, all the exciting stuff happens when you have to study...
    See you on the other side. Hatzlacha!

  2. Rachelli Dreyfuss - thanks! Hatzlacha to you as well; hope you get straight A's on everything! :)

    Oreos are a good choice. I was checking out the good lookin' vending machine today...the oreos definitely were calling out to me, but the tangy twizzlers looks wayyyy better.

  3. I feel you, I have 1 final and 1 term paper left to go! Hatzlacha rabbah :)

    I usually run on yummy cold soda during midterms/finals to keep me awake and pumping, but ironically on Friday I resolved to cut out soda for a week and switch to water. It's an experiment to see if my stressed skin clears up at all. So far it's been oddly calming.

  4. Last year final time I lived off of chocolate wafers and salsa. Weird combination, but by the end of the year, half of my dorm-mates were eating it:)

  5. Corti - thank you! Hatzlacha to you as well. You're soooo fortunate that you're almost done. Water does wonders for the skin.

    The professor - I can't even imagine that the two would taste good together. Eeeechsa!
    Nachos and salsa...now THAT I could go for. Right now. At 3:22 AM

  6. In another few weeks you'll be all done. Think about that - it will help you get through it.

    So many times when you are in the moment it's hard to think beyond those few hours that you are so busy with work...but know that's it's just a passing stage and hopefully you'll pass it with flying colors!

    Good luck and try to get some sleep :-)

  7. Lol, they actually go quite well. (At least at three in the morning. I would be afraid to try it at any other time). The scarier combination which a guy can up with, which he couldnt get anyone to try no matter how much he swore it was amazing, was sandwich cookies and tuna!

  8. try celery! it really helps concentration. and u kinds just have something to chew on- its like chewing on water. and u wont feel guilty if u have a ton because there are like 0 calories!

  9. Devorah - if I had to go through this for a few more weeks, I have no idea what I would do! B"H just one more day :)
    thanks for the encouragement. You're right -- this, too, shall pass!

    The Prof - SANDWICH COOKIES AND TUNA? I'm definitely a weird combo queen (think peanut butter + banana sandwiches) but cookies and tuna just don't go. I get the whole sweet/salty combination...but tuna is...fishy. and sticky. and mayo-ee/oily/watery. EEEEECHHH

    You're right about the 3 in the morning business. A lot of things taste better at crazy hours.

    Anonymous - that's a smart & healthy idea...halevai I would've thought about that a week ago.

  10. Banana & PB actually doesnt sound too bad. game for almost anything with PB.

    3 in the morning anything goes, like we say in hebrew, its 'matzav kapit'